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Innovation, Care, Leadership, Legacy.

With an illustrious career spanning over 35 years, Charles has graced the critical care and emergency departments of the nation's most esteemed facilities. His journey, rooted in genuine care and boundless commitment, not only showcases his profound expertise but also his unwavering heart for nursing. Charles embodies the essence of what it means to be a healer, a guide, and a true advocate for patient care.

Charles T. Folsom Jr. stands as a paragon of dedication, innovation, and leadership in the healthcare sector. With an academic foundation rooted in bioinformatics, data analytics, and healthcare administration from the esteemed University of Georgetown, Charles has seamlessly blended his vast knowledge with over three decades of hands-on experience. His journey in direct patient care, spanning areas like telemedicine, virtual ICU, Emergency Medicine/Trauma, and CVICU, is a testament to his versatility and commitment. Beyond the clinical realm, his expertise extends to healthcare operations, consulting, and the intricate world of electronic health record modernization (EHRM).


At the heart of Charles's illustrious career was his pivotal role as the National Director of Provider Adoption at Tenet Healthcare. Here, he championed the successful implementation of the Cerner Millennium® Solution EHR across 75 facilities in a mere six years. This monumental feat was not just about technology; it was about people. Charles's approach, always front-facing and approachable, prioritized targeted change management activities, ensuring that every facility exceeded the threshold of 80% computerized provider order entry within 24 months of voluntary implementation. His leadership style, underpinned by Prosci Certification, emphasized collaboration, fostering partnerships, and leveraging the collective strength of teams to address complex healthcare challenges.

Yet, for all his professional achievements, Charles's impact resonates most profoundly in his community contributions. As a non-profit owner, philanthropist, and dedicated mentor, he embodies the spirit of giving back. His aspiration is simple yet profound: to make a difference every single day. Whether it's through his work, his mentorship, or his philanthropic endeavors, Charles T. Folsom Jr. remains a beacon of hope, innovation, and unwavering commitment in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.


Charles T. Folsom Jr.

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