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Health And Wellness

Your health and well being are primary to achieve and sustain an optimal quality of life. Our team has years of experience in customizing life plans to meet the needs of individual clients. To learn More with the IAMNURSE about Holistic Wellness please contact one of our wellness consultants.

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Majorie Valle MSN, RN

Wellness Consultant 

Sonya Booker.jfif

Sonya Booker MS, RN Wellness Consultant 


Samuel Strother Jr. MS, RN 

Gerontology Specialty Consultant 

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Marjorie Valle MSN, BSN, RN

Wellness Specialist 

One of my biggest passions as a nurse is helping individuals learn how to manage their health at home and improve their quality of life. As an educator, I love finding new ways to teach patients and their families about their health problems, exploring self-management strategies and connecting them with community resources that can help support them.

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